Photo Album: Survivor Draw Winners

Survivor Suds 2020 Winners



First Place Team: The Island boys


     Second Place Team: The Angels


     Third Place Team: Chug-a-Lug



Survivor Vino 2020 Winners

First Place Team: Heads I Wine, Tails You Lose



Second Place Team: Vino Vixens



Third Place Winners: Viva La Vino



Survivor Vino II 2020 Winners



1st Place Winners: Put a Cork in it



2nd Place Winners: Auntie Sherry and Friends



3rd Place Winners: BSO Loves Bordeaux




4th Place Winners: Grigio Goddesses


5th Place Winners: Bor! Fion! Sarap!



Survivor Gift Cards 2020 Winners



1st Place Winners: Martha Fokkers

2nd Place Winners: Don’t Sleigh Our Name, Sleigh Our Name

3rd Place Winners: Card Czars

4th Place Winners: Purple Tiger Warriors


(picture to be inserted)

5th Place Winners: CBD – Compulsive Buying Disorder


(picture to be inserted)

Consolation Prize Winners: We Got Carded



Congratulations to all the teams and individuals who won. Your support has helped us to continue to ignite the potential in youth in our community and create a lifelong impact.