What is Chatterjam?

Chatterjam is a youth group hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)

in Sudbury, and is open to both BBBS youth and to eligible youth in the

broader community. Our hybrid video conferencing also allows youth

to join our sessions through Zoom – including those outside the region!

Our youth become part of a unique community

We host fun and dynamic sessions that allow our youth to engage with

others in an environment that is OUTSIDE of their school, home, and

regular social network. As result, the youth feel safe to express

themselves freely without feeling self-conscious or judged, which

creates an ideal environment for personal growth and a tight

community. We are also fully transparent about our content and

activities, and we encourage our youth to share their Chatterjam

experiences with their parents and friends.

Our speakers accelerate life skills and practical wisdom

In addition to engaging the youth through facilitated social and dynamic

activities, we usually invite outside speakers to share their life journeys,

valuable tips, heard-earned lessons, and practical wisdom. Some of our

past speakers and topics include:

Raw Realities and Cautionary Tales

  • Life destroying consequences of drug addiction
  • Life-altering challenges of teen pregnancy
  • Permanent repercussions from sexting and other social media abuse

Practical Life Tips

  • Dealing with bullies
  • Open forum with a police officer (e.g. internet safety)
  • A pharmacist presenting the dangers of drug abuse
  • A banker providing financial tips

Career Insights

  • Bishop Dowd discussing his journey and sharing life advice
  • A writer sharing her journey as a published author
  • A production member of the Survivor series discussing his career
  • Several business people offering entrepreneurial insights
  • A screenwriter talking about the film business
  • A real-estate agent discussing her business and offering advice
  • Life destroying consequences of drug addiction

Click on our Chatterjam Flipbook Link to read some first-hand testimonials from our youth.

Who can join, and is there a fee?

Local youth can join our live sessions either in-person or through Zoom.

Youth from outside the region can also join us through Zoom!

All youth are welcome to join one or two sessions to experience the

atmosphere before making a longer-term commitment.

Junior Sessions: open to ages 14-16 (group size is 10-12 youth).

Senior Sessions: open to ages 17-20’s (group size is 10-12 youth).

Although there is no fee for joining, BBBS will first have to assess an

applicant’s eligibility.

Where and when does it run?

The sessions run once a month on a weekday from 6-8 pm. We usually

meet at BBBS, located at 224 Pine Street in Sudbury.


Feel free to contact us for more info…

Chatterjam is hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters in Sudbury.

Please phone or email Chantal for more information:



Keep in mind that we offer both live and hybrid (online

through Zoom) Chatterjam sessions. And you can try out one

or two sessions before making a longer-term commitment.

Join us and experience the fun firsthand!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Click on our Chatterjam Flipbook Link to read some first-hand testimonials from our youth.